February 17, 2016

We just received word this morning that the home of Tony Poole, our missionary to the Philippines, burned to the ground and his daughter, Felicity, died in the flames. In addition to the tragic death of their daughter, they lost everything including their offices, ministry center and evangelism materials. Felicity is survived by two children and her husband. Please consider giving a special emergency gift to the Poole’s. You can give to Kingdom Global Ministries below - Designation: PHILIPPINES - Tony & Calli Poole.

Please keep Tony and Calli in your prayers. This is a devastating time for them. They have given their lives to missions. Now they have given their daughter’s life to missions.

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Give Relief Funds - Designation: PHILIPPINES - Tony & Calli Poole

Tony and Cali Poole have led the Stealth Evangelism Program for over nine years in the Phillipines. They are training approximately 40 pastors and leaders each month at their mission center in Manila. They need a specialist to help them put together a training video for their programs. They have the skill, the trainers and the program, they just need a person who knows the best way to put the video together. Please also pray about supporting them as they have need for more funding for seminars. Connect with Tony and Cali on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dunamis.stealthevangelism, or check out their website http://www.dunamisinternational.org/.