Guinea - Paul Damey

Paul Damey - Mission Kalima, which was originally founded by a German missionary, Joachim Eichhorn, in April of 1993, in Guinea. The ministry started with Bible evangelism from 1993 to 1997. He was one of the first graduating students in 1995. After graduation, Paul went to N'zerekore where he met Michel Traoré. He opened the second Bible school in Conakry. In September 1997, Joachim decided to leave Guinea, so he called Paul to come and take over the work.

Since 1998 they have added 4 new Bible schools. In 2006, the Lord put it in his heart to add church planting to the ministry. So in 2007, they started their first home church in Conakry. Today, they have planted 21 churches in their country, two of which are in Conakry. All of the pastors are Paul's disciples or are the disciples of his disciples. The ministry has trained and helped many other people that are in ministry, like Brother Michel Traoré, for example.

Paul's vision is to continue to develop the ministry of making disciples though evangelism, church planting and Bible schools everywhere in the country if the Lord makes it possible for him.