Thailand - Paz & Ariel Acuna


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Larry Titus with Ariel & Paz Acuna

Larry Titus with Ariel & Paz Acuna

Leaders: Paz & Ariel Acuna

Vision Statement: “To be an Institution which centers on transformation to empower individuals and indigenous people groups, and to affect the moral and socio-economic progress of the community.”

Mission Statement: “Our mission is to facilitate a non-political paradigm through English Literacy, Leadership Training, Skills Development and Grass-roots Economic Development.”

Ministry Projects: Currently, Amo Foundation is developing ministry training centers to prepare missionaries for their callings. We encourage you to invest financially into their ministry so they can fund the following areas of their operations:

AMO Sustainable Farm  

AMO Headquarters 

AMO Siem Reap Mission Base 

AMO Chiang Khong 

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