"Restoring the Dignity and Sanctity of the Home."



Devi Titus, wife of Larry Titus, is an international Christian conference speaker and author. She is an award winning communicator with the Washington Press Women’s Association and speaks to multiple thousands annually, both nationally and globally. She first came to the attention of women nationwide in 1978 when she founded and edited VIRTUE magazine, a successful Christian alternative to secular women’s magazines. VIRTUE magazine raised a standard of excellence for women’s lives for 22 years.


She is the creator and principle author of Home Experience—How to make your home a place of love and peace, author of The Table Experience—Discover what creates deeper, more meaningful relationships. Devi and Larry have coauthored the book When Leaders Live Together—How two strong personalities can thrive in marriage. Most of her books are published in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Devi founded The Mentoring Mansion (now called the TITUS HOME) and through this program has hosted more than 1,200 women in “her home” for four days. From this experience, multiple thousands of Home Experience Groups are meeting in multiple nations with the purpose to “restore the dignity and sanctity” of the home.

Devi has served with her husband in the pastorate of five churches, and is the Vice President of Kingdom Global Ministries, a mentoring/missions organization founded by her husband. Larry mentors men; Devi mentors women worldwide. Her focused message and speaking skills have given her a significant voice in the nation of Brazil.

Married for 57 years, Larry and Devi have two children, six grandchildren, and eleven great grandchildren. She and her husband reside in the Dallas/Ft Worth, TX area and travel extensively worldwide.

Devi’s passion is to restore the dignity and sanctity of the home and to help men and women live fulfilled lives. Author Bunny Wilson said of Devi, “You don’t just meet Devi, you experience her.”

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Devi and Larry Titus have a legacy of mentoring people from their home.

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