To Restore The Dignity And Sanctity Of The Home

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Devi Titus, wife of Larry Titus, is an international Christian conference speaker and author. She is an award winning communicator with the Washington Press Women’s Association and speaks to multiple thousands annually, both nationally and globally.

She is the creator and principle author of The Home Experience—making your home a place of love and peace, author of The Table Experience—discover what creates deeper, more meaningful relationships. Devi and Larry have coauthored the book When Leaders Live Together—How two strong personalities can thrive in marriage. Her books are published in English and Portuguese.

Devi founded The Mentoring Mansion (now called the TITUS HOME) and through this program has hosted more than one thousand women in “her home” for four days. From this experience, multiple thousands of Home Experience Groups meet in homes across America and Brazil with the purpose to “restore the dignity and sanctity” of the home.

Devi has served with her husband in the pastorate of five churches, and is now CEO for Kingdom Global Ministries, a mentoring/missions organization founded by her husband. Larry mentors men; Devi mentors women worldwide.

Married for 52 years, Larry and Devi have two children, six grandchildren, and ten great grandchildren. She and her husband reside in the Dallas/Ft Worth, TX area and travel extensively worldwide.

Annually, Devi speaks to more than 150,000 people in conferences and services. Devi’s passion is to restore the dignity and sanctity of the home and to help men and women live fulfilled lives. Author Bunny Wilson said of Devi, “You don’t just meet Devi, you experience her.”

home experience intensives

The Mentoring Mansion was a large, elegant & inviting home where Devi received 10 women at a time, to spend four days immersed in discipleship regarding the home. Devi Titus founded this revolutionary ministry in the year of 2002. Thus far, over 1,000 women have attended a Mentoring Mansion intensive, and were encouraged and equipped to disciple other women in their homes and churches. Due to the lack of a suitable venue, this program has been inactive since February 2009.

The Mentoring Mansion brand will no longer be used.

However the Titus never stop mentoring. We are pleased to inform you that intensives will resume. To learn more, please email

Articles by devi




Devi's passion to restore the dignity and sanctity of the home drives her messages and material contents. Devi speaks primarily in women's conference settings as well as in Sunday services for total congregations. In addition, Devi speaks to groups of leaders, men's conferences, and marriage seminars along side her husband, Larry. Some of Devi's highly requested teachings are:


  • The Danger of Partial Obedience
  • Respect a Powerful Position

spiritual growth

  • Return to Tenderness
  • Principle of Process
  • Yada—Intimacy with God


  • Dignity & Sanctity of the Home
  • I am Woman
  • Life-Giver vs. Life-Taker
  • A Wise Woman Builds Her House
  • When Women are Called to Start a Ministry

marriage & Family

  • Headship vs. Leadership (taught with her husband Larry)
  • The Use What You Have Principle
  • The Also Principle
  • The Table Experience
  • Choose Life