Portugal - Anderson Carvalho

Anderson Carvalho, is the Pastor of the Pentecostal Evangelical church of Setubal, Portugal, a thriving church an hour outside of Lisbon.  The founder of the church is Anderson’s father, Gilson Carvaho, who moved from Brazil several years previously with intentions to play soccer professionally for Portugal.

God, however, had other plans for Gilson.  Soon after God called Gilson to plant a church in Setubal.  

Because of his father's heart for missions, Anderson moved from Brazil to Portugal in 2000.  In the first three months he experienced a great move of the Holy Spirit with hundreds of people coming to Jesus.

After his father’s passing in 2003, Anderson and his family went through a time of sadness and difficulty. However, the trials led Anderson to follow up with the work his father had founded. Today, the Pentecostal Evangelical Church of Setúbal is a vibrant, Spirit-filled congregation with hundreds of Portuguese, Brazilian, and African families attending.  It is an especially youthful congregation with a high percentage of the congregation made up of young people in their teens and twenties.  The spirit of revival is definitely on this congregation.  Every service people pack into their facilities to experience powerful worship and anointed preaching.  The services are electric with the presence and power of God.  Anderson is doing an incredible job as pastor of this thriving congregation.

Anderson is married to Sátila Carvalho and together they have their first daughter Maria Clara Carvalho. Together, they want to reach as many lost individuals as possible for God.

Please consider investing in this ministry.  Portugal has a divorce rate of 68%, the second highest in Europe.  It is the intention of KGM and the Carvalho’s to make a change in this sad statistic and see the nation of Portugal changed for Jesus.

Williams Cavalcante