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About Trina

I am the wife of James Lozano since 1983, an ordained Christian minister and pastoral counselor. My passion is to see people maximize their potential, claim their true identity and live in victory.

I am the mother of four grown children, Brooke Sailer, Brandon Lozano, Brittany White, and Bryson Lozano and I have eleven grandchildren all who reside in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. People always says about me, “When she enters a room, she fills it with joy. Trina turns the ordinary into a party.”

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Join me on air!

Call in with your question! You‘ll get solid advice and a practical solution, from a Biblical perspective, to apply to your life and improve your relationships – romantic, family, friends, career, and most importantly your relationship with God and yourself. I LOVE TOUGH QUESTIONS! What's your dilemma?

Call-In Sunday's 7:30-8:30 p.m. cst

1 800-949-5973

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