Jesus In The Old Testament - MP3 Audio Series

Jesus In The Old Testament - MP3 Audio Series

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Larry Titus explains Jesus revealed in each chapter of the Old Testament. This is an extensive curriculum of 7 hours of teachings. The product includes Larry's notes for the curriculum. You will be able to download it with the audio files in a zipped folder.

The topic includes:

  • Logos - Jesus is the Word
  • Keys to Identifying Jesus in the Old Testament
  • Jesus, The Great I AM
  • Jesus, The Promised Messiah
  • Jesus, The Creator  
  • Prophetic Fulfillment of Jesus in the O.T.
  • Types, Shadows and Symbols of Jesus in the O.T.

*This is not a physical hard copy product. It is a digital product that you will download upon purchase. We recommend downloading this into your laptop, and then insert it to your media software such as iTunes, Windows Media Player.