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Adapted from the book "When Leaders Live Together: How Two Strong Personalities Can Thrive in Marriage". In this series, you will learn the truths about headship and leadership, embracing your diversity and releasing your spouse to thrive.


Once we confess Him, Jesus takes all our sins and in exchange gives us righteousness. In his book, "The Teleios Man," Larry Titus starts off by describing man's new identity in Christ as a Teleios (complete, perfected, finished) man.The work now consists of having soul and body put on what the spirit already has.


Devi Titus' book, "The Table Experience" is a book based on Devi's quest to find out what is missing in our homes as Christians. Whatch this first episode, 'What are we missing?,' and learn about her discoveries on how to make home the happiest place in the world

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