To Recognize, resource, and release individuals to build the Kingdom

Larry Titus has been in full time ministry for 55 years. In 2001, he completed 34 years of influential innovative pastoral ministry in the states of Washington, Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio, to devote himself to the mission of Kingdom Global Ministries, an organization he founded in 1992.

For decades Larry Titus has trained thousands of men and women to be effective in every facet of their lives, marriages, and ministries. Larry has equipped leaders that span dozens of nations. His commitment to global missions has also resulted in thousands of churches, schools, orphanages, and Bible schools being established and sustained on every continent.

Larry is the author of The Teleios Man—Your ultimate identity, a complete curriculum for men's ministry that provides discipleship in 12 areas of a man's life. Larry and Devi coauthored the book When Leaders Live Together—How two strong personalities can thrive in marriage.

Larry speaks in multi-denominational and ethnic environments of churches, conferences, and men’s retreats. He is founder of two major gatherings: The Teleios Men's Summit, a relational gathering of men to edify them with biblical truth and testimonies in an atmosphere of intense worship, and the biannual KGM World Connect, which brings global leaders and kingdom-minded individuals together for the purpose of networking and resourcing their visions.

Larry and his wife, Devi, are both California born and currently live in the metropolis of Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas. They have been married for 54 years and have two children, six grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. Together, Larry and Devi and their family models the dignity and sanctity of the home and are committed to mentoring and releasing both men and women into their Kingdom callings.

The imprint of Larry Titus wherever he goes is LOVE. If you know him, you love him and he loves you—somehow, he makes that evident.


FEATURED videos of larry

Larry Titus - Jesus and Discipleship

Larry Titus - Father's Day 2019 at DFW New Beginnings Church

Larry Titus - Abba Father and the Trinity

Larry Titus - Apostles and Prophets


Larry has a large array of teachings and messages. He carries an apostolic anointing and is received by many pastors and leaders as a true father in the faith. Larry is frequently asked to speak and minister to various groups and topics, such as:


  • Exploring & Explaining The Holy Spirit

  • Seek First The Kingdom

  • Jesus in The Old Testament

  • Apostolic Leadership

Total Congregations

  • Children Can Hear God

  • Exceedingly Abundantly Beyond

  • The Power of Prayer


  • Your Identity in Christ - The Teleios Man

  • Healing the Father Wound

  • Headship in Marriage

  • Morals & Character


  • Headship vs. Leadership (taught with his wife Devi)

  • The Power of Love

  • Words - Power to Build or Destroy

What others say about larry

It is through the man, the ministry, and the message of Larry Titus that a unique spiritual blend of a prophet’s voice, a father’s love, and a shepherd’s heart that a sanctified relationship of spiritual parenting evolves.
— Dr. Kenneth Ulmer, Senior Pastor, Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles, CA
Whether as a writer, as a pastor, as a teacher, as a one-to-one mentor, as a small group or large-crowd speaker, as a counselor, or as an apostolic missionary to the nations, Larry effectively communicates with and helps men become what real discipleship in Christ can make them.
— Dr. Jack Hayford, Chancellor, The King's University
Larry & Devi, aside from my parents, are the most significant spiritual mentors I have in my life. You cannot be around Larry & Devi and not have your life impacted in some way. I know of none who is more loving and affirming than the two of these, even while they impact your life in mentoring.
— Tom Lane, Gateway Church, Southlake, TX
Larry has deeply impacted my life and the lives of many other men I know. He lives what he teaches and is an example for all men who want to live for Christ.
— Jimmy Evans, Marriage Today, Southlake, TX

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