Haiti- Benite Jenue

Benite Jeune has recently lost his entire ministry compound at Vignier, Northwest of Port-au-Prince due to the massive earthquake in Haiti. Though there were no deaths in the devastating earthquake, not one of their buildings survived. Even his own home is too damaged to safely live in.
Through the KGM family of contributors, we are taking on a gargantuan task of rebuilding the church, schools, home, dormitories, guest house and cafeteria of Benite’s ministry. When these projects are completed we will also start on building an orphanage on property that had already been purchased prior to the earthquake.

Ben Conner Construction Company, of Borger, TX, has already begun this massive project.

Please consider giving to this powerful ministry as soon as possible. Construction equipment, metal buildings, building supplies, food and clothing are now being prepared to load into four ship containers. But much more money is needed to complete this project. Approximately $500,000 is the total cost to replace these buildings with earth-quake resistant metal buildings, not including the desks, chairs, beds, solar panels, etc.

An Update From Ben Conner

"Hello Dear Friends,

You might find it hard to believe, but we are finally on our way to Haiti to begin the school for Benite. My crew and I will be in Haiti next week to begin dirt work for the building pad. Terry Snow and his staff at Haiti-YWAM worked very hard to get our 7 semi-trailers loaded with the building supplies and equipment through Haitian customs. We still have 2 more enclosed semi-trailers at our facility in Texas to be used for the transportation of the 2nd story building supplies such as metal studs and sheet rock. We do not have money raised for that part of the project.

This is a huge endeavor. This facility will encompass almost 20,000 square feet. It is designed to hold 600 children. It will have a cafeteria and indoor restroom facilities. It would not have been possible without your contributions and prayers. And we will need many more prayers in the coming months to see this project through to completion. A few of my employees are apprehensive about going to Haiti. Several have never been out of the country. They are worried about leaving their families for so long and they are worried about their safety. So please pray for divine protection over our team, future volunteers, and everyone’s families to be protected while we are away. I anticipate to be gone at least 3 months, and I know we can not completely finish in that time. Hopefully we will get at least the first floor finished so Benite can begin to use the building.

If you have a heart to come and volunteer at some point, please let me know and I will let you know when the best time will be based on your abilities or your schedule. I do not want groups to come if I do not something for them to do, so please give me an idea of how many might want to come and what their abilities are if it is a group. If it is just one or two people then I think I can find something to do just about any time we are in Haiti.

I hope many of you can make the trip to Haiti in a few months when we dedicate the school. I have a lot of hugs to give out.

God Bless all of you,

Ben Conner"