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Bleeding hearts

Have you ever felt hurt to the point of feeling like your heart was continuously bleeding? Maybe you were praying, hoping, and waiting for God to heal that loved one, to give you that big job opportunity, to bring your church back to full force after the pandemic or even to show you with clarity the next steps He has for you after calling you out of your comfort zone… but He didn’t. In reality it is not that He didn’t, He actually did and still is working all things for good, but not the way you expected.

So now is the time for you to embrace this tender heart of flesh He is giving you through this process. Learn and understand the new rhythms of the dance Your Father is inviting you into and know that He is more than willing to support you while you stumble or maybe even step on His toes sometimes. But He would love to have the honor to conduct you in every new step. From now on, avoid doing things like you were used to, be willing and eager to learn the new way God wants you to move forward. The new wine can only be poured out into new wine

skins and the new wine is coming, so make sure you have the new skins.

Remember He is always close to the brokenhearted, stop, breath and pray, just know that He is right there and He is going to be with you through this season.

Protect your heart for from it flows the ways of your life, but don’t be scared questioning every new opportunity God opens up for you just because you felt rejected once. You are almost never going to feel like you have what it takes and that is okay because it is part of the process of understanding that God’s mission for you goes way beyond yourself and your capacity.

Be intentionally connected to people that will have the pleasure to see you grow in the knowledge of God’s word and your walk with The Lord, it will make a huge difference. And last but not least, remind yourself everyday: "DO NOT BE AFRAID!”; It is purposefully written three hundred and sixty five times in the bible, so every time you feel tempted to give up or your thoughts start to go against what God has told you, remind yourself that you are not alone in this

and The One who began the good work in you will bring it to completion!

- Monica Dollo Martins, Director of Operations at KGM - Haslet, TX


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