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Testimony of Nimol

A report from our Global Leader, David Visal. From Siem Reap, Cambodia:

“Sister Nimol is a mother to 2 girls from a community nearby our KGM & Kingdom City Youth Center. She was invited to church by a lady who serves as a cleaner at our KGM base to observe and know more about Christianity. During the worship sister Nimol was deeply moved by the Holy Spirit through the worship song that we sang. In the end of the service she came to the front of the stage and decide to give her life to Jesus. She is now involved in serving in the church and growing in her new area of life.”

over and over again in scripture we see God using ordinary people to do incredible things.

In 2 Kings (5:2-3) God used a nameless servant girl to save and change a whole household’s legacy. Naaman’s wife’s slave girl saw that he was suffering from leprosy and told his wife about what she believed Elisha could do.

This caused Naaman to go to Elisha, get healed, and to believe that Israel’s God is the one true God!

Don’t underestimate what God can do with your “mundane” yes

It was an ordinary woman, just doing her job, who invited sister Nimol

the goal is to make Jesus known,

not to make your name known.

The goal is sister Nimol.

So don’t look down on your every day yes to God. You may just be clocking in to your 9 to 5, but He just may be rewriting an entire family inheritance with your day to day obedience.


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