KGM Africa Impact 2015

I wish I could bring all of you who have invested in Africa Impact through the years to come with me to the KGM Africa Leadership conference in Port Harcourt, Nigeria to see what God has done in the past 12 years. Eleven nations were represented, including the new nation of South Sudan. Frank Aikins, our leader in West Africa, started with nothing 12 years ago and now has churches throughout West Africa.

This year the conference took place in his magnificent new building that seats thousands. Though the building isn’t complete yet, you can imagine what it will look like when completed. But the beauty isn’t only the building, it’s in the thousands of people that Frank is reaching through his ministry. The KGM mass choir ministered at all of the sessions with the rich music, rhythm and worship of Africa. It’s impossible to describe the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Friday evening as waves of glory swept the congregation. God is moving powerfully in Africa. The Dark Continent can no longer be called the Dark Continent as the Holy Spirit brings revival to every nation.

Hundreds of constituents and leaders met for four days of powerful teaching, fellowship and worship. On Friday evening Bishop Abraham Shanklin and Larry Titus preached and dozens of people were baptized in the Holy Spirit. Other speakers included Lincoln Serwanga from London, Emmanuel Appiah from Ghana, and Bishop Shanklin’s wife, Ingrid.

Let’s give applause to Jesus for His great redemption, to Frank for his great work in touching lives and to you for your sacrificial giving to KGM Africa.

I love you more,