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Spreading the gospel to every nation and the next generation starts with you.

will you be the change the world needs?

Kingdom Global Ministries is a discipleship Movement that exists to proclaim the gospel in every nation and reach the next generation.

the unreached

Humanitarian initiatives are a vital byproduct of our efforts to advance the kingdom. Our ministers provide education, food, shelter, care for refugees, and so much more!

KGM aims to mentor leaders in a variety of methods. through ordination, coaching, mentorship initiatives, and many other means.

Change nations

Equip Leaders

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In Every Nation...

Our objective is to develop leaders.


Identify a leader

We have the privilege of meeting so many remarkable world leaders, and we always look forward to welcoming them into the KGM family.


Equip a leader

We delight in agreeing with what God says over His children. We ordain, educate, and appoint ministers to a higher rank.


Establish a leader

The majority of our ministers are natives of their home nations. Whether they are native to the country they feel called to or not, we support them in locating their "niche" and coach them through the process.

Nations with KGM leaders


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