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THE TELEIOS MAN - Video Series


Online Version

Larry Titus created this series for men just like you–men who desperately need someone who will believe in them, encourage them, disciple them, and empower them to be godly, mature, balanced husbands, fathers, and leaders. Get ready to believe in and unleash the man you were born to be!

This is a great resource for small men's groups to use.

You will not receive a product in the mail. By purchasing membership, you will receive a one-year subscription access to the 12 videos of The Teleios Man series. You will also be able to download the videos to use on your own after your subscription lapses.

Session Themes

  1. Your Identity  
  2. Your Mind
  3. Your Morals
  4. Your Father Wound
  5. Your Headship
  6. Your Marriage
  7. Your Family
  8. Your Home
  9. Your Money
  10. Your Personality
  11. Your Manners
  12. Your Legacy

The Teleios Man is the finished, complete man who mirrors the perfection of Christ in every part of his life—who can set an example for generations to follow.