We need you!

Have you ever been impacted by Devi and Larry Titus?

Each day I am astonished by the array of people who call in or come by the office to talk with them. One day Larry will be releasing someone as they start a new ministry, business, or church, and the next day he is counseling someone whose job or marriage is falling apart. One day Devi is speaking to thousands of people, and the next day we are shipping out The Home Experience books for a small group study.

Will they ever slow down? I’m guessing not.

Every week in prayer, we give glory to God and express gratitude for the financial partners of Kingdom Global who make this ministry possible.  It’s no secret that as a nonprofit organization we are fully dependent on your financial generosity to continue influencing people in both one-on-one settings and massive crowds.

This year has been no exception to that impact. To highlight just a few:

  • Over 5,000 men were ministered to through six Teleios men’s conferences in California, Massachusetts, and Brazil.
  • Hundreds of orphaned children from the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, Africa, are receiving food, clothing, and housing.
  • Several village churches were planted in Bangladesh.
  • Devi and Larry’s teaching has impacted over 150,000 people face-to-face in Brazil just this year.
  • Africa Impact, an annual conference in Nigeria, led by Drs. Elfleda and Frank Aikens, trained hundreds of West African pastors who have planted churches, nurtured orphans, and hosted dental and medical clinics.

…and the list goes on.

I highlight these things to show you how your giving has redirected thousands of people and created new legacies.

The impact you are making is incredible!

Since Devi, Larry, and Kingdom Global have influenced you, are you willing to continue that same influence to someone else?

Our financial need to end this year is $175,000.  This will enable us to finish the year strong and launch into 2016 well equipped to do what God has called us to do.

I’m asking you to pray and ask the Lord how much to give.

Whether it is $25 or $25,000, you know what your capacity is, and most importantly, what God is saying to you. We know this need of $175,000 will be reached with everyone being generous.

Thank you for being faithful to God and responding to us. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve you and others. Thank you for trusting us to steward your investment well.

KGM Team

Williams Cavalcante