Men's Ministry Recap 2015

For many years, Larry's life has been heavily invested in creating a genuine, spirit-led, men's ministry movement. As we look back at 2015, we are overwhelmed with gratitude by what your partnership has accomplished. Because of you, Kingdom Global was able to take men's discipleship to a higher level of reach and impact.

Check out these pictures and video to see a snapshot of what you're investing in... To see all the photos from the event click here


Oxnard, CA | 3rd Annual Teleios Men's Summit | 800 Men

We had the privilege of serving over 800 men in Oxnard, CA for our 4th annual men's conference. There isn't enough room on the internet to brag on New Life Community Church, the volunteers, and the men who attended.

Read this POWERFUL testimony from Sandra, a wife of one of the attendees...

"You know the presence of the Holy Spirit was there when the anointing is felt in your home when your honey comes home. My husband has never cried with so much humility in the 20 years I’ve known him like he did when he came back from this event.” 
Sandra | Oxnard, CA


Plymouth, MA | 1st Annual Teleios Men's Summit | 200 Men

Can you believe it? Our first men's conference in the Northeast! In partnership with Pastor Neil Eaton of New Hope Chapel and 12 other local churches, we hosted over 200 men for a Teleios men's summit. This conference focused on discovering your identity by reconciling your relationship with God and others. Joining Larry and Neil to speak to the men was Tyran Meredith, Ted Bull, and Gabriel Zamora.  We already have a 2016 conference scheduled.

Read this testimony of John's to see the affects already taking place...

“Good morning Larry. Yesterday I was a child of God, today I am a SON of Go. Thank you! I had a young lady from Jamaica come into our car dealership with her young son by her side.  As I shook her hand, her son stuck out his hand and introduced himself as Zion. I asked him how old he was, he said, “I'm 4, and I'm going to be an animal surgeon.” I was so moved, I put my hand on his head and we walked into my office. He proceeded to show me videos of baby lions being born. We watched the videos together, and then I told him he was awesome, he looked at me, and his face lit-up like the sun, and his smile went from ear-to-ear. It was an amazing sight to see the love of the Lord shine through that little boy. I'm sitting here weeping as I tell you this story, spreading the love of Christ, especially to young men, is such a blessing and a joy. Thank you!” 
John | Plymouth, MA


Brazil | Six Men's Conferences | Over 6,000 Men

In Brazil alone, over 6,000 attended six men's conferences. Stories of reconciliation with God, family and others continue to pour in to our office. We believe when men are immersed in the presence of the Holy Spirit, and receive the word of God, his life will be radically changed. 

This testimony by Sidnei is remarkable because of the implications it has on the legacy of his family.

“I want to thank Kingdom Global Ministries for all you have done for us men at the Teleios Men’s Conference. I can tell this was a very different experience in my 10 years of Christian life, and I have never been impacted in such a way by God’s presence as I have by you who led this gathering. I was prompted by God to ask forgiveness to my wife and children for the wounds and hurts I have inflicted upon them. I was separated from my family for four and a half years. I asked them to forgive me, and I released a blessing upon their lives. I will remain strong as a Teleios Man, and nothing will remove me from this path.”
Sidnei | Americana, SP - Brazil


When you invest into Kingdom Global, these are the things that happen! It's only a snap shot of all the lives that have been changed. We hope you are as encouraged as we are. We are eternally grateful for your love, support, and desire to send us out to disciple the nations. We could not do any of this without you!



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John Marques