India Trip 2016

Trip Video Report

India Trip 2016

Larry and I just finished a very special ministry assignment in Ghaziabad, India. The purpose of the trip was to visit KGM’s Global Leader Yash Paul’s ministry and train his leaders. The major need for Yash was to nurture maturity to the group and train them in leadership for urban areas. We also got to spend a lot of personal time with Yash, his son Aryan, and many disciples of the group. Yash truly carries a father’s spirit.

Currently, Pastor Yash oversees many home churches throughout India. A lot of his efforts go towards village church planting, as well as reaching more people in the larger cities of northern India. The Gospel has been heavily resisted in this part of the country. Unlike the southern region of India, there is high prejudice against Christians, and even some persecution.

During the 4 days we spent with Yash and his leaders, Larry ministered his curriculum on 12 Leadership Principles of Jesus. I also got to teach messages on direction, purpose, and bringing your vision to reality. The group was very open and receptive to the teachings. We also brought them three copies of each message, books, and videos from Kingdom Global Ministries. Yash’s son, Aryan, is leading the access system for everyone to share the materials. We also walked them through KGM’s website and explained the resources available for them to grow in their ministries & lives.
We thank you for your love, prayer, and support you give to KGM. There is no way we could do what we do without your partnership. Consider yourself as integral part of this ministry when you pray for us or support us financially.

Much love and appreciation,

Felipe Hasegawa

Global Ministries Executive

India Discipleship Intensive

Kingdom Global Ministries began 2016 with a clear focus: Discipleship. For many years, Larry has desired to go visit Pastor Yashwant Paul and his ministries, however, the possibilities were never solidified.

We are so blessed to share that from January 14th-17th, 2016, Larry Titus and Felipe Hasegawa will be joining Pastor Yashwant in Ghaziabad, India, for intense discipleship sessions with 60 pastors and youth leaders. Pastor Yashwant sees a need to train his leadership group towards maturity and influence expansion in urban areas, and Larry’s teachings would certainly be a great fit for the need.

We covet your prayers for travel mercies and profound anointing as we share with these leaders. We are grateful that all provision for this missions trip has been raised, and we are eager to empower Pastor Yashwant's ministry.

New Possibilities

As a ministry, KGM is also investigating possibilities to publish and distribute The Teleios Man, The Table Experience, and When Leaders Live Together books in other nations. Larry and Devi both write on Biblical principles, which are transferable truths that can be applied in any culture and society. Of course, the materials will undergo slight adjustments on practical applications, which are relevant and usable for each culture, but the principles remain the same. Assessments and planning will take place in this direction.

Photos and updates will be shared on Kingdom Global Ministries' Facebook page, as well as here.

We love you and appreciate every prayer that is given towards us.

Felipe Hasegawa

Yashwant Paul

Williams Cavalcante