Let's Restore the Dignity and Sanctity of The Home

Let's Restore the Dignity and Sanctity of The Home

I have never been so convinced that the home is the basis for human society. As I travel the nations, I see men and women struggle in their marriages, families, and relationships. For 20 years now, I have been intentionally focused on elevating the value of the home in women's minds. From all social and economic backgrounds, women are transferring the principles to restore the dignity and sanctity of the home. It is truly a revolution.

Please read this impacting story I received:

"My marriage was in ruins and the Lord made me understand that I needed to stand up and change the way I was living, starting with my home. The Holy Spirit connected me to Devi's teachings and He ministered to me tremendously. My marriage is in the process of restoration and my children can now experience having a family.

We just had our first meeting about The Table Experience in the slums community, and it was filled with God's power. I praise God for Devi's life, for being an instrument of transformation."

-Luciana R. (Brazil)

Other women have sent me reports of what being mentored by in my home has meant to them. Here is one of them:

"My eyes were opened to my role as the one who shapes the environment of the home--either good or bad. I want to shape my home to be where the Lord's peace and love are present for my husband, children and others who the Lord puts in my life!"
-Mary Z. (USA)

Together, we are restoring the dignity and sanctity of the home. This is only possible through prayer and generous people like you, who choose to invest in others. Will you please join me in this vital mission of restoring homes? Give your best financial gift before December 31, 2016. We want to launch 2017 stronger than ever before. Together, we can do it.

With love and gratitude,


John Marques