I Am Woman

I Am Woman

By Devi Titus

Gender identity is at the forefront of cultural shift. Never before in modern history has the gender of a person been determined by the person himself. Governments are battling in courtrooms to change laws regarding gender identity.

For me there is no question; I am woman. Yes, I hammer a nail very efficiency and I also cut a rose, put it in a vase to adorn my counter. I inhale its fragrance and marvel at God’s creation as I clean my kitchen. Interests and tendencies do not determine our gender identity.

I am uniquely and wonderfully made. God determined who I am before I was conceived in my mothers womb. I was defined before time, I am defined in time, and I am defined beyond time. Nothing about God changes and neither does my gender.

Created on Purpose

God used two very difference substances when he created man and woman. Man was made from soil and woman was made from bone. Absolutely nothing is similar about soil and bone. Yet when God named Adam he called him ISH in Hebrew. ISH means strong. So what was made from soft, God called strong. 

Culture has so influenced us for centuries. Rather than telling men to nurture, we tell women to nurture. We have confused gender identity. When men nurture, we tell him that is not manly. Yet, all nutrition in life comes from soil not bone.  Psychologists declare that the deepest emotional wound of people is the “father wound”. Being nurtured by a strong man whether we are a son or a daughter, is the essential assurance that we will have the significance, security, and love that is needed to anchor the human soul and position it to thrive in life. Strong men know who they are and are not afraid to show emotion, compassion, tenderness and love.  These are not feminine traits; they are God-traits.

Woman was made from bone. Bones are both firm and soft. They are the support structure to the body. It is the bone marrow, the soft center of the bone, that produces 500 billion blood cells per day, and through the lymphatic system protects the body from disease. Women are strong, yet God called her ISHA, which means soft. The power of true womanhood is when the soft nature of her femininity; kindness, tenderness, and sensitivity are functioning within the strength of her character, determination, and faith.

God created women to be life-givers, not life-takers. God said because it is not good for man to be alone, he would make a “helper” for him. Women have the choice to determine how we will use our power. We can build up a man or destroy him. (Proverbs 12:4) Women can turn ugly into beautiful. Women can make a meager income seem like enough. We can give hope to the hopeless. We also can do the opposite. Women can choose to make the beautiful ugly, waste a plentiful income and live in poverty. We can be contentious, argumentative, or supportive and uplifting.

The strength of a bone and the soft part of the bone are both a supporter of life and a creator of life. It is the woman who carries life in her womb and gives birth to new life.

I am woman. The strength of my support and the softness of my femininity will position me to give life in everything that I do. I am proud to embrace my womanhood. It is not necessary for me to compete with men but it is my privilege to support, uplift, and honor men. I am proud to be a woman.