KGM Africa Impact 2016 - Recap

KGM Africa impact 2016 - Recap

Our KGM USA Team is flying across the Atlantic Ocean as of this writing, returning home from an extraordinary time at the KGM Africa Summit. Larry Titus and Dr. Abraham Shanklin went ahead of the group to minister for Pastor Remi Akano in Lagos, Nigeria. Remi has published THE TELEIOS MAN book in West Africa and has begun a ministry called Kingdom Men. There was a great anointing during the gathering.

On Tuesday, May 17, Larry Titus, Devi Titus, Dr. Abraham Shanklin, Felipe Hasegawa, and Pastor Emmanuel Appiah from Ghana flew from Lagos to Port Harcourt, Nigeria to meet Pastors Elfleda and Frank Aikins for the KGM Africa Summit 2016. 8 nations were represented for 4 days of leadership training, fellowship, and ministry time. Pastors and leaders from Angola, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, USA were present.

The orchestration of the Holy Spirit was so evident. Every speaker was prepared to share a word that created a very clear grand picture. God’s instruction for the whole group was focused on character, integrity, morals, and the move of the Holy Spirit. You can watch the series of messages below.

Pastor Frank Aikins’ leadership is remarkable. His ministry never stops. He is constantly discipling other leaders. There are now 51 churches in the KGM Africa network. Praise God for the ministry reproduction.

We are also excited to announce the delivery of funds for the Samuel Torres water well project in Abuja. Deji Adekoya is a pastor outside of Abuja, and his vision is to build a water well for the villag. This is his strategy for evangelism to the Muslim community that live in the area, and we will soon send updates of the progress of this project.

We want to thank our KGM Family & Partners for your prayers and financial support. You are an integral part of what takes place in the nations where KGM is present. Every dollar sent to missions through KGM ensures leaders, pastors, and Kingdom-minded individuals are strengthened, comforted, and discipled in their callings. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude.

We love you.

Felipe Hasegawa

Global Ministries Executive


Watch the messages

The Need For Revival - Larry Titus

Stay In Shape - Emmanuel Appiah

Strength In Your Weakness - Abraham Shanklin

The Power Of God - Larry Titus

The Anointing That Remains - Devi Titus

Entitlement Free - Felipe Hasegawa

The Power Of Mentoring - Emmanuel Appiah

Headship - Larry Titus

The Principle Of Process - Devi Titus

Men's Session - Abraham Shanklin

Re-digging The Wells - Abraham Shanklin

Men's Session - Larry Titus

KGM Africa Impact 2016

I desperately need your help and I'm counting on you!  It's virtually impossible for me to describe the importance of KGM Africa Impact 2016. This need is immediate and, at this time, I don't have a large pool of donors or a church budget to draw from.  We urgently need $20,000.00 to support this mission.

Several leaders from 11 African nations will join Nigerian pastors in Port Harcourt for 5 days of intense training in the Word and Leadership Principles. Devi and I will also be joined by Dr. Abraham Shanklin from Hanover, MD.

In the past few years over 30 new churches have been founded by Frank Aikins alone. This man is an unstoppable force right in the middle of the corruption-filled city of Port Harcourt in the Nigerian Oil Delta, and we must support him. We will cover all expenses for these African leaders, and the reason is simple, not one of these pastors could afford to come otherwise.

Please, we need your help today! It's imperative that we order our airline tickets and those of the West African pastors as soon as possible. We can't delay.

To donate, please scroll down and choose KGM Africa Impact 2016.

I love and appreciate you,

Larry Titus

Photos from Previous KGM Africa Impact Conferences