Let's Catch up!

Let's Catch Up

Summer is in full swing in every way in Dallas, Texas at Kingdom Global Ministries. For some folks summer means vacation, for others swim parties and barbecues. But for us, it is time to reflect on our half-year mark and count our blessings.
Because of your vital interest in our lives, we must share with you. This has been the most reproducing six months of ministry that we can remember.

I'll chronicle it for you: 

  • January - Titus Home: Larry and I moved to a larger house thanks to an unexpected gift from my family. This enables us to resume mentoring intensives such as The Home Experience and Pastors' Training.
  • February - KGM Council of Elders: We received 40 leaders to be taught by Larry. The course lasted 12 hours of in-depth Biblical teachings on John's Gospel & Revelation. This took place 5 days after we moved to our new house!
  • March - Women of Significant Influence: I gathered 37 high-level women leaders in Brazil who serve in ministry, media, and marketplace. We spent 3 days together as I discipled them in areas such as ministry, home, and family.
  • April - Brazil Ministry: Doors continue to open for Larry and I to minister not only to congregations, but to pastors as well. Pastors and leaders are desperate for ministry themselves. In addition, Larry was invited to minister at the Brazilian National Congress (Senate & House of Representatives) at a gathering of Christian politicians. This was a very timely opportunity as the nation faces the president's impeachment process.
  • May - KGM Africa Impact: Larry, Devi, Felipe, and Abraham Shanklin went to Nigeria to minister to hundreds of ministry leaders. 9 West African nations were represented. You can watch all sessions on our website!
  • June - The Home Experience Intensives: We launched The Home Experience intensives on June 8th. It was a profound time of ministry to 8 women's ministry leaders from Brazil. To say the least, a couple of marriages were saved.

I am in awe of God's miracles. Without challenges, we have no victories. Effective ministry includes hard work, sacrifice, perseverance, and faith.
Here is our challenge:
Our contribution funding is low in the summer. Our cash flow nearly stops. It is difficult to pay minimal expenses. Most of our ministry endeavors are self-funded but our operations expenses are not. We need your help. Truthfully, we need to draw a salary once in a while and for sure we want to pay our office rent on time.
Here is our victory:
Because you care, all you need is information. Kingdom Global is a partnership ministry fully supported by donations--your abundance meets our need. Thank you for being generous. Our victory is $50,000. That is only 30 people giving $1,000, a few of you giving more and others giving less. Together, we can do it.

Thank you. We are humbled by your love and quick your response.

We love you so much,

Devi and Larry Titus

John Marques