We would like to share some awesome testimonies with you from readers of Larry and Devi's books. Thank you so much for investing in the lives of thousands of people. This is why we do what we do.

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The Teleios Man

I started reading The Teleios Man 2 weeks ago and got to the father wound chapter. I haven't been able to even get to the next chapter yet. I never knew I had any wounds until just recently, when the Lord started revealing it to me. Every time that I reflect on my childhood, I just start weeping and I physically feel like a sword is driving through my heart.

My parents didn't plan to have me. They never even dated. I've felt unwanted my whole life. Except when I participated in sports. I felt a lot of approval because of my success with football.  But, I gave up my scholarships to pursue ministry and I've felt unwanted again. Growing up, I tried to cover the father wound with everything around me. I was the popular All-State Football Captain, I was a ladies man, I was the guy with the nice clothes and nice car, had muscles; everything you described in Chapter Four. And even since I've been saved, I've tried to cover that wound with seemingly good things. So I just wanted to say thank you for writing this book and I'm looking forward to the rest of it and to the healing process!!!

Pray for me, please.

Love you Larry,

John S. (Name changed to protect identity)

The Table Experience

Dear Devi,

I just wanted to say thank you so much... This last week was a rough one for me. Nothing major happened. It was actually a pretty typical week as a mom of 3 and Pastor's wife. But by the end of it, I was completely overwhelmed, stretched thin and just plain tired. I felt disconnected from my husband and irritated with my children. My breaking point happened on Friday when I realized we hadn't eaten a single meal together as a whole family all week. Between church functions, elders meetings, kids activities, school events, and everything in between, our family mealtimes never seemed to sync up. (Or at least, I didn't make much effort to sync them up!)

But it wasn't just this week...as we have shifted into a much more demanding schedule, I've realized the most precious family time at the table has been one of the lowest priorities over the last couple of months. This weekend I said "no" to several good things and simply stayed home. And, I'm talking "no makeup, wearing sweatpants" staying home!!

I cooked a simple breakfast this morning and we ate around the table in our pjs with sleepy eyes and messy bed hair. I made chicken salad sandwiches with fresh veggies for lunch and all the kids came in from their Saturday play to eat as a family. And now, steaks are marinating in the fridge for dinner.

This afternoon, I sat in our sitting room and poured through The Table Principle once again...it's one of my favorite books and it has been a year or so since I've read it. Devi, I feel so refreshed. Pouring into my family over these mealtimes has reconnected me to a precious joy and peace that I did NOT have last week. 😉

As a family, we are going into next month with a determination and calendar change to protect our meal times again.

So, I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for writing such a gem of a book and for reminding me that our table is so much more than a piece of furniture...

Thomas and I love you and Larry so much!!

Amity Humphries

Felipe Hasegawa