KGM World Connect 2016 - Recap

KGM World Connect 2016 - Recap

KGM World Connect 2016 was the most anointed gathering Kingdom Global has ever sponsored. There are no words, photos, or videos that can adequately describe the depth of this gathering. Representatives of the United States, Brazil, Paraguay, Canada, United Kingdom, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Morocco, Sierra Leone, Senegal, India, Thailand, Nepal, China, Philippines, Austria, and Australia.

Our team will continue to post sermons and messages captured at KGM World Connect 2016. Thank you for your love and support. This is WHY we do what we do.

Robert Perez - Testimony

Danilo Figueira - The Disciple Maker

Devi Titus - Navigating Through Major Transition

Larry Titus - Son of Man

Gene McGuire - Story

Jimmy Evans - The Power of Attitude

Ginger & Dennis Lindsay - The Legacy of Christ For The Nations

Milton Ebenezer - Growth Through Discipleship

Larry Titus - The Priority of the Kingdom

The Joy of Being Parents - Story - Gellers

The Power of Discipleship - Story - Frank Aikins

Devi Titus - Why? - Why we do what we do

KGM World Connect 2016 Recap

Williams Cavalcante