A Letter From Larry Titus


A Letter From Larry Titus

Dear KGM Family:

I hope you’ll hear my heart. I’m always reticent to ask for money for several reasons.

Number one: It’s deeply embarrassing for me.

Number two: I’m always sensitive to the criticism of the world and even some Christians, that the church is always asking for money. For that reason, I usually wait to the last minute to write an appeal and then I’m almost apologetic. I’m aware this is the wrong way to do adequate fundraising.

Number three: I’m sure it is connected to number one. It’s a pride issue. I don’t want to admit we have a need. But we do. Because you are family, I must let you know. This is very important.

KGM does so much with so little. With our small staff, we reach millions of people in dozens of nations. This year, our staff must increase... The load is too great for Devi, me and just a few others.

Secondly, this coming year all our books must be published in Spanish. Then we will begin opening our speaking/discipleship ministry to the global Latino community.

Thirdly, our travel ministry will expand to several new nations next year, supporting leaders with their visions and speaking revelation-principles to tens of thousands of people for the first time.

Even though we sponsor dozens of ministries, our budget is approximately the same as that of a small church—but we do not receive tithe as a funding model. It’s difficult. I have personally gone without a paycheck for several months. (Devi works as a volunteer—and I must say, she works so hard.)

If we are part of you, and you are part of us, please be reciprocal and consider becoming a monthly partner with us, beginning this month and continuing through next year. Would you also allow me to be so bold and ask you for an end-of-the-year contribution? (I’m confronting my pride so I won’t fall.) You will help us so much to close this year balanced and set a reasonable budget for next year.

I’m not sure I feel any better after writing this letter, and very embarrassed to think you might receive it negatively, but I pray you know my heart. I would never do anything that could potentially endanger our relationship. I deeply love you.

Finally, Devi and I will be hosting a Holiday Love Feast on Sunday evening, December 3rd, 2017 between 6 and 8 PM in our home in Colleyville, TX. We would love to have you celebrate the Birth of Jesus with us. Please let us know if you can attend by replying to this email.

Massive love and appreciation,


John Marques