Portugal Mission

Portugal Mission

2017 has begun in high gear for us at Kingdom Global Ministries. We want to share with you some exciting plans we have for the near future.

In 2015, Larry, Devi, and I went to Portugal to minister for the first time. Readers took Larry and Devi’s books in Portuguese from Brazil to Portugal and a wonderful pastor, Anderson Carvalho, sent us an invitation to minister in his church. It was located in Setúbal, just 30 minutes south of Lisbon. We spent 5 days of incredible fellowship with the pastors, leaders, and ministry at the local church.

According to 2014 statistics, Portugal holds the second highest divorce rate as well as second lowest birth rate in the World. During our days in Portugal, Devi felt a strong prompting to someday create family conferences in Catholic cathedrals. The goal is to educate the Portuguese people with family essential principles, as well as introduce them to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The total population of the nation is approximately 10.5 million people, about the size of the greater Chicago area population. It seems so possible to reach this people group and make a significant national impact in a relatively short time.

We are going to Portugal at the end of February to search for venues and pray about this project. We will ask, seek, and knock for open doors to fulfill this vision to reach the Portuguese families.

Please keep us in prayer. We need the guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to accomplish this. We will keep you posted as things develop. If you have any friends or connections in Portugal, please write us via info@kingdomglobal.com.

We love you so much, and appreciate your heart for God’s Kingdom.

Felipe Hasegawa
Kingdom Global Ministries

John Marques