Thailand Impact 2017

Mission's Trip Report

Larry and I traveled to Thailand in the month of July to visit the ministry of Paz & Ariel Acuna. This Philippine couple moved to Thailand 9 years ago to devote their lives to reaching Asia for Christ.

Our visit with the Acunas was very productive and eye opening. They employ very focused strategies of evangelism in different cities of the country. Thailand’s population is mostly Buddhist. Idolatry is a major principality in the country. Here is their approach:

Larry Titus, Ariel Acuna & Paz Acuna

Larry Titus, Ariel Acuna & Paz Acuna

First, they seek to build connections with local schools through offering free social services to children such as English classes, music lessons, and physical educational activities. Relationships are formed consequently, and the kids who accept Christ as their Lord and Savior go through a process of discipleship in their ministry centers.

Pastor Ariel spends most of his time forming leaders who will become missionaries for unreached groups in Asia. Recently, they opened a new ministry center on the boarder between Thailand and Laos. Their vision is to reach individuals in Laos, and bring them over the boarder to Thailand for training and discipleship.

We also visited an orphanage in Myanmar, which is connected to Pastor Ariel’s ministry. This was a very touching experience. Please watch the video. 420 children are cared for in 4 different homes with virtually no external financial support. Most of their parents died due to an outbreak of HIV in Myanmar. They get to eat chicken once a year. Words cannot describe how touching this experience was. The children learn how to pray from early age. We definitely want to support this effort on a monthly basis. It only takes $1 per child to be fed a chicken dinner. Who’s willing to give towards this? Please use the donation form below with designation Myanmar Orphans.

Finally, we went to a city in Thailand called Lomsak, to minister at Ablaze Conference. This is a ministry initiative of Faith Acuna, Pastor Ariel’s daughter, to compel youth to become missionaries. Groups from Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand were present. The Holy Spirit moved mightily.

We cannot thank you enough for your prayers and financial support to empower ministries such as this. Together we are impacting nations and advancing God’s Kingdom.

Much love,

Felipe Hasegawa
Global Ministries Director

Myanmar Orphanage Ministry


Felipe Hasegawa