Please Help To Sustain Our Growth

Please Help To Sustain Our Growth

Greetings in the powerful name of Jesus:

A letter this personal rarely comes from me. I’m overly cautious that I don’t impose on either your time or generosity. You’re so special to me and I want to always honor our relationship, which to me is the most important. But, please take a moment to hear my heart. Vulnerability is the key to connection, so I’m being vulnerable with you now.

God is blessing and expanding KGM far more than Devi or I could have ever imagined. But I desperately need your help. I just returned from a powerful gathering of our KGM pastors at the Africa Leadership Conference in Port Harcourt, Nigeria with the weight of financial obligations; we are seriously behind in our budget. 

We cannot sustain our growth without your assistance. Because we do not ask for anyone to tithe to us, we are relegated to receiving only those offerings that are above your tithe—this is difficult. But we have a valid need and a global vision, both of which require we ask for your assistance. Devi and I are truly the “traveling ministry” that must be supported by others that Luke and John talk about.

Africa is only one example of the exponential growth of KGM. This amazing church in Port Harcourt is the mother church of all our KGM churches in Africa. It is not only flourishing but exploding in growth. New nations and new leaders are continually being raised up and released. However, growth in impoverished nations does not produce an income stream for KGM in the USA. But without KGM, this would not have happened. My apostolic oversight and our USA office team initiates and sustains all that happens in other nations.

Another illustration:

Our influence in the nation of Brazil has covered the nation from north to south, and east to west, in ways we never could have imagined. Millions of people have either heard us preach in person or through social media. Our books have sold thousands of copies. But this does not generate an income stream for our KGM USA office. 

This year we are focusing on publishing our books in Spanish and major Spanish leaders are joining arms with us to see that our books reach the Latino community in both the USA, Puerto Rico, South and Central America. Our potential influence in the Latino nations is huge; but we can’t move forward without support.

Churches in the States are wanting to become affiliated with KGM, and dozens of new leaders are anxiously awaiting a time of ordination at KGM World Connect in Dallas, August 29-31. (This does have potential of generating an income stream. But we must have funds to develop this new opportunity.)

I think you see our challenge. Our growth has outpaced our resources. We are seriously behind in our monthly budget. We need an increase of monthly donors by $14,000. I really need you to consider helping us. Please do not think of any amount being too small to count. Each deposit adds up every month.

I know that if I don’t communicate to you our need, you would have no way of knowing the crisis that currently exists. We are in a shortfall. 

I ask you to please consider a NOW generous response to our need. In the span of a year you rarely get any kind of communication from me asking for contributions. We have only 5 full-time and 2 part-time employees. We make a BIG impact with a shoe-string budget. We cannot lay anyone off; there is nothing to cut back unless we quit something. I have serious decisions to make. (Many times, I forfeit my salary in order to pay others. Even then, that does not always cover our short-fall.)

I ask you to please consider:

  • A NOW substantial, sacrificial one-time gift to relieve my load.
  • Becoming a monthly partner. Any amount will be appreciated.
  • Increase your monthly giving to match “cost of living increases.”

Your partnership with me is what allows me to do what I do. I can’t do it without you.

Thank you for our years of doing Kingdom together and for believing in me.

I love you,


John MarquesComment