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"If I was with you in person, I would hug your neck and thank you for your “yes”. You are not making a small difference in the lives of your students. You are making THE difference. 


    If you desire personal and ministerial growth, I would be honored to play a role in your progress. I have pastored and led the next generation for 15 years. By God's grace, I have served the four corners of the United States in both tiny and large churches, with and without a budget, as a bi-vocational pastor and as a full-time pastor with a huge staff under my supervision (and what seems like everything in between). This is an invitation to an intentional partnership in which I will share what I know about loving the next generation, effective systems and plans, and for you to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals to link arms!


    This is holy work. This is sacred work. This has eternal ramifications. Your first step is filling out the application below. Looking forward to meeting you!"

- Gabriel Zamora

Who is this for? 

Next-Gen pastors and leaders. 

What is it? 

A 12 month cohort. We will meet bi-weekly via zoom and teach you how to grow in your leadership and service to the next generation. Personal coaching. Leadership Q&A and a FAMILY of like-minded leaders who are passionate about reaching the next generation! 

Why should I join?

Unless you have a masters in youth ministry and have led a next-gen movement, I KNOW that this content will be life changing for you, your leaders and your students. 

Is there a cost?

There is an investment into yourself. 


$125 app

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Thanks for submitting!

*please include all spouses information if married

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