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Altering of Moses and Vansan's Lives

Vansan is a Sami-orphan who lives in a slum area; his family is so impoverished that he has work as a security guard at night to support his family and pay for his education. Through football, we got to meet him and introduce him to Jesus, resulting in his conversion. Today, he has the opportunity to work and get valuable experience in our modest coffee shop.

Mosses is an orphan who has endured a horrific upbringing. His father was an alcoholic who murdered his wife and then abandoned Moses. The orphanage rescued him when he was three months old. Moses is skilled, but he cannot study like other children. Moses is currently a member of our team at our coffee shop, where he is learning and refining his barista skills. We will do our best to help him grow closer to Jesus and enhance his physical abilities.


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